Intelligent Systems

Machine Learning Engineer (Hybrid Work) (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

KKLab, being a technology venture, collaborates with our partners to turn ideas into products using leading edge technologies.  KKLab so far has two AI products to offer: KKRaaS and Lyricist.aiKKRaaS is a B2B generic recommendation platform while is a lyrics generator. There are many more AI related projects in incubation.

We are seeking a talented machine learning engineer to build audio/music AI systems. This role will be working with other machine learning engineers to develop algorithms ranging from audio/music analysis to audio/music generation. The algorithm has to strike a perfect balance between computation efficiency and model accuracy.

We are looking for a candidate who is self-motivated with machine learning knowledge and passionate about engineering excellence. 


  • Working with cross-country stakeholders and teams to build a music AI system.

  • Understand, modify, and implement state-of-the-art technologies in audio/music analysis and generation from academia into products.

  • Understand and breakdown state-of-the-art models into reusable components and develop new models by using those reusable components.

  • Understand qualitative feedback from human labellers and translate it into quantitative metrics.

  • Build simple prototypes and demo sites for newly developed models.


  • Solid understanding of various machine learning models and techniques in audio/music analysis and generation.( eg. DDSP-VST, Magenta, etc )

  • Fluent with Python.

  • Familiar with popular machine learning frameworks such as tensorflow, pytorch, scikit, etc.

  • Understanding of music theory is a plus.

  • Professional experience in music (band member, music critic) is a plus.

Interview process

  1. Hiring manager / 15~30m / phone

  2. Team, bar raiser / 60~90m / Google Meet, Codility

  3. GM, hiring manager / 60~90m / Google Meet

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